Patch for Document Send Template

Patch for C55 Document Send Template. This Document Send template has always had a bug - which makes this otherwise useful template very unreliable, especially when it comes to sending embedded images. We've already reported this bug to Soft Velocity, but until they fix it this patch can be used to significantly improve the performance of this template.

Just move the mouse over the  image on the right and you will see what this patch does.

C55 ABC Document Send Template is a potentially very useful tool for sending emails right
from a Clarion application. However, we noticed a long time ago that something is horribly wrong with it.
Play with the Example provided with C55, for instance.  Impressively, the template allows you to send a bunch of identical emails
with one click of a button. But before implementing it into your program
try to send all those messages to yourself. You will discover that about half of the emails are
corrupted, and instead of beautiful images some have ugly rectangles like that above.
What happens is that the Document Send Template starts to insert 
a space character intermittently in the MIME document at the beginning of new line. This innocent 
character is not supposed to be there and screws up emailing completely.
Below is an example of MIME document generated by C55 Document Send Template.
Lines 4 and 9 (highlighted) have an extra space character in the far left position. That's it!
MIME will not see the fourth line at all, so this embedded image will be treated as an
attachment and recipients of this email will see nothing but empty rectangles.
Content-type: image/gif
Content-ID: <1>

 Content-Disposition: inline; filename="1"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: Base64


It appears to be the only problem this template has. Once you get rid of those
spaces the problem goes away. And that's exactly what our patch does!
Advantages of using template:
  • This patch is reversible so later, when the bug is fixed by Soft Velocity,
    you'll be able to painlessly get rid of it
  • With this patch Document Send C55 template works without any glitches
    whatsoever, so this is probably its only problem. 
Run the installation wizard. Register new template placed by Wizard
into your Clarion Template directory - mimefix.tpl
Just in case here is instruction how to do that.
Open Clarion 55 (no application must be open). Go to menu item
Setup -> Template Registry ->Register. Select new template
mimefix.tpl and then hit Open button
View animated reminder on how to do that - Registering Template
(built with our JAVA Animated Help Builder).
Running Patch
Document Send Patch is organized as a Utility template. So to run it you have to 
open ANY application first (it really doesn't matter which one!).
Go to menu item Application/Template Utility. Find MIMEfix - Vivid Help:: Document
Send Bug Killing Utility and hit Select button. It'll bring up the template window:
Run utility with OK button. If you want uninstall this patch - select Reverse Patch
radio button first. If you don't remember whether you've already run this utility
you can run it again as many times as you want. This utility changes one file from
C55/Libsrc directory so it's a good idea to backup the entire directory before running the template.
Download Installation Program (230 kb)

Copyright (C) 2015 Vivid Help Systems Pty Ltd