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Are you sick and tired of supporting programs you've sold?
Are you wasting your time talking to clients?
Do they really want to waste their precious time reading manuals and FAQs?
AHB is the solution!!!
With AHB you can simply say to your customers:
 "Open my site
(or HTML help shipped with the program) and click 'How do I do that stuff'".
How easy it that!
  • AHB is a new type of Internet development tool. Unlike other tools, with AHB you work
    directly in your Internet browser (either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).
    So you can see your help page exactly as your clients do. We've done all the hard
    programming work for you, so the rest is perfectly easy and can be done by any non-programmer.
  • AHB is extremely user-friendly. So your  clients can simply watch 
    the cursor rather than having to wade through a boring manual. They'll appreciate this!
  • AHB is built with JAVA - the most universal Internet language.
    This means the product is compatible both with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, so all your clients will easily be able to use it
  •   AHB is quite affordable for any software developing company
  • AHB can be built for virtually any computer program
  • Using AHB is fun. So indulge your customers and free yourself from endless
    and useless phone program support!!!
  • Finally, AHB is fast. It uses one Java applet for all your questions,
    so your users only have to wait once while applet is loading.
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