Draw Fast 'n' Easy

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Draw Fast n' Easy program
has been released

This program extends 
DrawEasy. - the well known on www applet of ours. So it works in very much the same way the applet on this page does.
Unlike applet, however, you can not only draw
your masterpieces, but also save them as is and add some
icing on the cake later when inspiration returns. 
Or save them as an image and place on your home page or
email to a friend. Or print them, frame them, and keep
on a wall or present them to your grandma as a priceless gift.
So if you are serious about your drawing, you're sure to need it!
And as it's a stand-along program you don't need an
Internet Browser to run it. Please be aware that at the
moment we have only Windows installation for it. So you
cannot install it on other OS (Linux etc.)
We want to make it as affordable as possible so
it is just $US15. It's a steal, isn't it?
Buy it securely right now!

This cartoon gives you an idea of how it  works. So just click the left mouse button
anywhere in the black drawing area, hold it down and drag the cursor. You've got it!  
Now you can see just how easy drawing can be!
alt="Your browser understands the APPLET> tag but isn't running the applet, for some reason." Your browser is completely ignoring the APPLET> tag!
   If you'd like to know more,

   here are few examples drawn in just few minutes

       # Island 

       # Elephant   
       # Big bang
       # Frog
   Use this applet as an on-line drawing tool,

   take it home or place on your site (free for non-commercial use):

   Zipped (120 Kb)
   To check how many sites around the Globe already use the applet, just 
   search the web with any Search engine, say Google, for word DrawEasy
   (like that without space!). 

   Contact us: vividhelp

   By the way, this applet was featured by Java Boutique
   as Applet of the Day on October 6, 2000


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