Clarion Templates tailored to your needs

If you ever think: How wonderful would it be to place my beautiful logo on all reports!
Or: It would be really good to replace the template-generated text "Record Will Be Changed"
with something more meaningful on all forms at once in all of our projects.
Or even: Why don't we let users select a wallpaper to appear on all windows and reports.
Well, you have a few options.
First, you can open each procedure and do it manually. This is fine if you only have few of them.
But if there are hundreds, good luck! A few days of horror and you are done.
Then, as always, you kick yourself - I had to move this logo a little bit. No worries.
Then a few more days of toil and "mission accomplished" ... until the next improvement idea.
Second, you can spend a couple of years learning template language and then build a template to do it.
Or, third, you can order this template from us.
We have already built a number of templates tailored to developers' needs.
Not to mention a number of commercial "3rd-party" templates listed on the front page.
We've sold them in over 40 countries, by the way. So we have plenty of experience!
Contact us for obligation-free quotes or, even better, come with your spec and bid.

Clarion FREE utilities

We derived this program from the Clarion LibMaker example.
Being sick and tired of changing this code all the time to restrict number of functions included into the LIB, 
we decided what this program needs is tugging.
So this is what the program does. You can just tag functions you need from a DLL and create small and clean LIB.
The ZIP includes test APP to employ new AnimateWindow() API from the user32.dll (not included in any Clarion).
Besides it includes Executable compiled as Local so you can use it even on a Clarion free box. 
All Clarion5 code is there as well. So you can use it in all Clarions.
Lib Maker With Tagging (790KB).
If you, like us, believe that clean compiling in Clarion is much better than using the default one
here is a FREE utility tool:
VH Cleaner (680KB).
This handy, easy to configure program erases all temporary Clarion files
 both from Clarion/Obj32 directory and the working one 
with just a click of a button. So when you compile your remarkable project,
you can be ABSOLUTELY sure that Clarion generates everything from scratch
and doesn't reuse any old temporary files. Unfortunately it still happens 
to Clarion every now and then...
We ship it as a Wise installation, so you can easily remove the program 
if you wish to. But you will hardly want to run this Unwise.EXE because it is unwise.
In case you need the source, please do not hesitate to contact us. We don't include
it with the installation, just to keep it as small as possible

Clarion FREE shuffler template

This free Legacy/ABC template will allow your customers to change the position of records in the
browse box via dragging-and-dropping and works in conjunction with the standard file browse template
We distribute this template "as is" so there is no support for it, however.
Download template and demo right now (445KB)

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